This season’s Inter League Trophy kick-offs this Sunday. The Aberdeeenshire AFA Select side have the chance to reverse last season’s final result when they take on holders Ayrshire AFA in a first round tie.

The game will be played at Glenury Park, Stonehaven on Sunday 20th November, kick-off 2.15pm. All support would be very welcome.


Second Round

Central Scottish AFL 2 – 1 Aberdeenshire AFA


First Round

Ayrshire AFA 3 – 2 Aberdeenshire AFA



Lothian and Edinburgh AFA 3 – 2 Aberdeenshire AFA


First Round

Aberdeenshire AFA 1 – 2 Ayrshire AFA



Aberdeenshire AFA 2 – 3 Ayrshire AFA


Strathclyde Saturday Morning AFL 1 – 3 Aberdeenshire AFA
Ayrshire AFA 3 – 1 Caledonian AFL


Caledonian AFL 3 – 0 Lothian & Edinburgh AFA
Scottish AFL 2 – 4 Ayrshire AFA
Strathclyde Saturday Morning AFL 1 – 1 Central Scottish AFL (AET), Strathclyde Saturday Morning AFL won 3-0 on penalties

Bye: Aberdeenshire AFA