Kincorth Triumphs with a Dominant Victory Over AC Mill Inn in the Aberdeen FC Trophy

In an exciting showdown at Balmoral Stadium in Cove, Kincorth delivered a commanding performance to secure a 4-0 victory over AC Mill Inn in the Aberdeen FC Trophy, winning the trophy for the seventh time. This emphatic win underscores Kincorth’s prowess as they currently hold 4th place in the Premier Division, demonstrating their strength against the second-placed Division One North team, AC Mill Inn.

From the first whistle, Kincorth displayed their superior skill and strategy, outmaneuvering AC Mill Inn at every turn. The team’s cohesion and determination were evident as they controlled the game, creating numerous scoring opportunities while maintaining a solid defensive line.

This victory not only boosts Kincorth’s confidence but also highlights their potential to make significant strides in the Premier Division. The Aberdeen FC Trophy match was a testament to their hard work and dedication, and fans are eager to see how they will leverage this momentum in upcoming games.

Stay tuned for more updates as Kincorth continues to chase glory in the Premier Division and beyond.

4 - 0
Full Time

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