The following squad has been picked to represent the AAFA Select in their match against Midlands Select for the Inter- Association Cup and George Stephen Trophy on Thursday November 13th at Station Park, Forfar, kicking off at 7.30pm

Transport will leave from Duthie Park at 5.30 pm and return from Station Park after the match. Clubs should ensure that their players are aware that anyone not able to make the bus should contact the management team so that alternative transport options can be discussed and hopefully accommodated.


Steve Buchanan (Sportsmans Club)
Andy Courage (Woodside)
Gregg Dunn (AC Mill Inn)
Nicky Emslie (Sportsmans Club)
Jim Fettes (Cove Thistle)
Lucas Fleming (Sportsmans Club)
Scott Freeland (Woodside)
Mark Hamilton (Wooside)
Craig Irvine (Cowie Thistle)
Mathew Jones (AC Mill Inn)
Paul Main (Woodside)
Lee Masson (Sportsmans Club)
Lee McKenzie (Sportsmans Club)
Lee Murray (Woodside)
Paul Murphy – GK (Cove Thistle)
Mikey Ritchie – GK (AC Mill Inn)
Niki Sinclair (Sheddocksley)
Barry Somers (Sportsmans Club)
Craig Wilson (Cove Thistle)