Ties to be played on or before 23 September 2023

St Machar Thistle AFC v Cowie Thistle AFC

Tarves AFC v Theologians AFC

Stonehaven Athletic AFC v Bon Accord City AFC

Turriff Thistle AFC v BSFC

Cammachmore AFC v Echt AFC

Newburgh Thistle AFC v Glentanar Reflex AFC

St Laurence AFC v Glendale AFC

Stoneywood Parkvale AFC v Kaimhill United AFC

Westdyke AFC v Aberdeen University Colts AFC

Woodside AFC v Great Western United AFC

Feughside AFC v Ellon Thistle AFC

JS XI AFC v AC Mill Inn Academy AFC

Kintore AFC v Byron Sports Club AFC

Monymusk AFC v Rattray’s XI AFC

FC Polska v Aberdeen University AFC

Lads Club AFC v Insch AFC

St Marnans AFC v Postal ALC

Alford AFC v Nicolls AFC

Ellon AFC v Kincorth AFC

19 ties – 13 byes

Competition schedule

1st round ties – 23 September 2023

2nd round ties – 21 October 2023

3rd round ties – 18 November 2023

¼ final ties – 16 March 2024

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